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Backyard Bird Sounds SPECIAL PRICE
Fred Van Gessel
64 pages
ISBN: 9781921517457
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Backyard Bird Sounds SPECIAL PRICE


    Backyard birds provide an endless source of interest and entertainment, from noisy honeyeaters squabbling over wattle flowers to tiny pardalotes flitting high in the tree-tops.


    This hardcover book is a combination of remarkable photographs of native birds and a useful audio CD. The bird lover will be able to identify a wide range of common species by sight and sound.


    The easy to use package features 74 tracks of bird songs and calls of species commonly found in gardens all over Australia. Each audio track is numbered to coincide with the species guide for quick reference including a description of the sound. For example the track for the Superb Fairy-wren is described as ‘A musical trill and reel of song delivered throughout the day, more often during the breeding season. Alarm call is a sharp chit or ‘churring’. Females also sing to defend their territory against other females.’


    Each species is presented with a full-colour photograph, distribution map and informative text about their habits, feeding and nesting routines, as well as their calls.


    A useful reference that confirms the identity of birds in your garden and a great gift idea.

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